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Collettsgate 15 b
1069 Oslo

Tel: +47 21 697201

Mob: +47 99 698707

Email: simen@vitalsone.org


(informasjon på norsk ):
We are all part of the magnificient tribe / pod of all of creation: 11:11.2017:

Simen (the name pronounced "Saimen" , (photo on the top left (black & white", and on the picture to the right (in a "green circle"), has since he was born had a special and close, deep relation to the dolphins and water.

He has been arranging "dolphintrips" and has travelled many places around the globe (Spain, Israel, Egypt, Hawaii and Norway) to spend time with dolphins in the wild and also support them in captivity.

We need more amabassadors for the dolphins, we need more people to engage in saving our seas and the wonderful creators within, the dolphins, whales and other sea creatures.

And of course to preserve and protect the ocean it self is of utmost importance!

It is a goal that all proceeds will be donated to this charity linked to the preservation of the oceans and to strengthen and preserve the relationship between human kind and other members of our mutual tribe (whale, dolphins sea turtles etcetera)!

The project with a working title "Dolphin
Embassy Norway" is shaping up these days

We welcome help / assistance with:

- People who are interested in joining a board to manage the non profit, (firstly in Norway, perhaps later a european version of a 501 (c), non profi organization)
- A professional new website + graphic profile with logo etc. for branding
- People who want to sponsor money (as soon as the foundation is approved, money will be deductible from the tax, firstly in Norway, then hopefully Europe and perhaps Usa later)
- Want to be a part of the Volunteer team now? Its fun, no expenses, you just select what you would
love to work with and join us in this group :-)
Feel free just to join and see what we are up to.

Want to support us now?
Donations do of course only cover the actual concrete expenses 100% related to the project.
You may use Paypal via paypal.me and please feel free to transfer money in any currency via Paypal as a "friend" and supporter of the dolphin embassy. How to send money via Paypal? Click here.

(informasjon på norsk ):

We do have a more personal "pod group" on Facebook: In order to join the tribe there you would have the oportunity to become a facebook friend with either Simen or some other in the tribe.
The Dolphin Tribe Facebook (a secret group).



Simen Myrberget (on the top right), pariticipated in the on site demonstration outside the japanese embassy in Oslo 31.08.2012 and later in front of "Stortinget" (where the norwegian government resides) that same day.