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Collettsgate 15 b
1069 Oslo

Tel: +47 21 697201

Mob: +47 99 698707

Email: simen@vitalsone.org


You are part of the magnificient huge tribe of the creator and also the dolphintribe:

Simen (the name pronounced "Saimen" , (photo on the top left and black and white photo above the child), has since he was born had a special and close relation to the dolphins.
He has been arranging "dolphintrips" and has travelled many places around the globe (Spain, Israel, Egypt, Hawaii and Norway) to spend time with dolphins in the wild. Now he would like to invite you to share some of his experience with the dolphins. He would like to share his respect and love for these wonderful creatures for a deeper understanding and interspecies connection. Please join the pod and peaceful tribe too and spread the word that we are all one. We need more amabassadors for peace, we need more people to engage in saving our seas and the wonderful creators within, the dolphins, whales and others

It is a goal that all proceeds will be donated to charity linked to the preservation of the oceans and to strengthen and preserve the relationship between human kind and other members of our mutual tribe (whale, dolphins sea turtles etcetera)!

Most acitivties will be free like dolphin meditation pod circles just perhaps sharing the eventual fee for renting the space preferably not having to rent rather to
arrange this in homes of the members of the pod.

The project with a working title "Dolphin Embassy for Norway" is shaping up these days.

We do have a more personal pod group on Facebook: In order to join the tribe there you would have the oportunity to become a facebook friend with either Simen or some other in the tribe.
The Dolphin Tribe Facebook (a secret group).